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Stone Island Junior: World Class Children Clothing

Stone Island Junior Primavera Estate 18

The fashion industry has evolved and expanded dramatically. Trends and styles, one wave after another. Designers children clothing or kidswear is getting more and more popular over the years.

Parents worldwide share the desire to give their kids the very best that they can, be it in terms of food, clothing, toys or education. To their parents, every child is a prince/princess and, of course, they want them to look the part. This summer, is collaborating with Stone Island Junior an informal children clothing brand founded in Ravarino.
nylon jacket children clothing - shop online

There are different brands of kids’ clothing in the market; Stone Island Junior is just one of them, but one that stands out from the rest.

The brand is owned by GFT and was established by Carlo Rivetti and his sister Cristina in 1993. Since this time the brand has become extremely well-renowned, offering kidswear such as this beautiful red three-lobed nylon short jacket in sizes ranging from 2 to 14 years. The designs are exclusive and are sure to win the hearts of children as well as their parents.


blue hoodie children clothing - shop online

Stone Island Junior produces clothes exclusively for kids and their designs are among the best on the market. Always striving to showcase the creativity and talent of their designers, take a look at this amazing cobalt blue sweatshirt with zip and hood. Stone Island Junior allows you to find original and beautiful prints for your children’s clothes with ease, all year round. Kids feel and look trendy in the patented designs and prints. In short, these are designer clothes for kids and parents who simply love how the brand helps them really stand out from the crowd.

blue sweater children clothing - shop online

Stone Island Junior is famous worldwide because of its unique collection of designs and prints. These clothes compete easily with any other brands of children clothing in the market; not only because of their designs, but also the quality of the clothes. Designs such as this classic blue crew neck sweatshirt are durable and soft with the perfect fit. Stone Island Junior offers the complete package and is capable of coming up with different themes, designs and ideas every time. The talented and experienced design team at the company works with full devotion to producing unique, world-class quality clothing for kids.


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One distinct feature of Stone Island Junior is the fabric used in its making. The use of very high-quality fabric such as in this Solid white basic t-shirt prevents any sort of irritation while wearing them. Children’s skin is on-the-whole much more sensitive than adults’, and so only top quality fabric is used in the making of the brand’s clothing to ensure that no problems arise during wear. The overall result is a brand that is durable and extremely comfortable for kids to wear. Furthermore, as the fabric used is of the highest quality, the clothes do not lose their charm, texture or color even after repeated washes.t-shirt bianca children clothing - shop online

This designer kids’ brand is not only exclusive but very affordable too. You can easily find this brand online; offers a wide variety of Stone Island Junior clothing for you to select according to your taste. It is definitely a highly recommended kids’ clothing.

You can get different looks for any season, occasion and a wide variety of appealing colors and designs. There is a perfect outfit for any kid in the store including fashionable and glamorous hats! Your children deserve the best, start shopping for them now!

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