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La Bottega di Giorgia, girls fashion

We are proud to introduce the exclusive collection by La Bottega di Giorgia, a fantastic new in for the Spring Summer 2017 of the Anna Meglio boutiques, entirely dedicated to girls fashion. La Bottega di Giorgia certainly represents a pride and an excellence of the Made in Italy, a brand that surprises us for its refined and poetic creations, which are at the same time modern and innovative. Giorgia Totaro is the name of the designer who has been able to turn her art and her passion into a profession. Hers is a stylistic project that aims at creating a clothing collection for children and teenagers capable of reflecting her personal aesthetic vision of childrenswear: a fresh and carefree fashion which gives a handicraft touch to their wardrobe and...

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Caffè D’Orzo Spring Summer 2017

It’s love at first sight for the New  Spring / Summer 2017 Collection  of clothing for baby girls and teens by Caffè D’Orzo. Inspired as always by the nature and the small details that make special even a simple day, Caffè D’Orzo gives us authentic emotions with precious fabrics and soft, comfortable and innovative shapes that transform every dressed into a sweet embrace.Pieces of clothing designed in order to impress baby girls and teens, essential lines for a minimal chic style from the delicate and very refined colors. Precious fabrics of great quality, pleasing to the touch, used with sartorial skill to give shape to pieces of clothing from a delicate and irresistibly romantic personality. The total look by  Caffè D’Orzo is perfect for special occasions, parties and exclusive events;...

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Ceremony Dresses for Girls by Raffaella

We are ready to tell you about the new ceremony dresses Collection for girls by Raffaella! On the slopes of the Gargano, where wilderness and barren lands manifest themselves in endless fields of centuries-old olive groves, in an enchanted location of a historic farm, Raffaella’s young girls play and fascinate mum and dad with their dresses.Organdy, muslins, lace, taffeta and plumetis play a leading role in the new Ceremony Collection for girls by Raffaella. Dresses conveying a simple yet refined elegance, able to glorify girls’ beauty in a very natural way. Run, play and dance freely on the day of the celebration respecting nonetheless the standards of elegance and sophistication.Raffaella is a craft company firmly Made in Italy; the pride of...

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