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MC2 Saint Barth Beachwear Collections

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Summer is the time for fun in the sun and the water. When you get that new swimsuit for yourself, don’t forget about your little ones. They will love to look fashionable on the beach as well. The children’s beachwear industry has developed a great deal over the past years, the brands now offer a wide variety of swimwear. This presents good options for the buyers, but sometimes you may be a bit confused on choosing the best beachwear for your children.

This is the time when the shapes, designs, and colors are brought out in full force to give the children a chance to be able to look and feel their best. This summer we chose to collaborate with MC2 Saint Barth beachwear collections.Since making its first appearance on the beaches of gorgeous Caribbean sea colors, the white sand and shell of St Barth island in 1998, Saint Barth beachwear collections has swept the kids fashion worldwide and is sought out by international shoppers and design conscious beachgoers everywhere. This brand combines function with sophistication to create the most alluring children swimwear in the market. Let your little ones feel ready to conquer the day wearing their favorite robot striped underway.
beachwear collections

Printed shorts, off shoulder tops and designer tee shirts are among the hottest in the summer. Added to this are the boxers, hot pants, designer shorts and layered skirts in pastel shades which give the summer its special touches. Your kids stay fresh with the vibrant patterns of these cars-inspired red colored swim shorts. Linen chemises in many pastel colors complete the look, together with colored T-shirts in varying lengths. Mid-length plain colored shorts with a sartorial staple are another interesting beachwear that makes the summer interesting. Boys will love going to the beach in these space fantasy white boxers from Saint Barth. A drawstring waist with a touch of elastic provides the needed comfort but does not take away the amazing style.
beachwear collections

With a fine eye for detailing, Saint Barth swimwear designed it’s first printed shorts with delicate embroidery accents. The brand chose only the best materials available and combined them with impeccable design, with sacrificing functionality. This was how they began the business and has never lowered their standards.

Clearly, the brand is the right beachwear designer at the right time, because their creations are classy and very modern. They got noticed and appreciated from the moment of their introduction and the company has only continued to grow in prestige and size.

Saint Barth beachwear collections has expanded their range beyond the original collections and now offers San Gallo Embroidery Swimwear, Animalier Swimwear, Chenille Swimwear one-piece swimsuits for their female customers. Get your daughters ready for the beach with this beautiful Emy Stellato bikini. The fully lined bikini offers enough cover on land and in the water, and the polyamide and elastan fabric provides a comfortable fit.

One of the hallmarks of all the Saint Barth collections is the fact that they are sold separately as tops and shorts. The ability to choose the perfect sized top and the perfect shorts size ensures that the buyer gets the perfect shorts size ensures that the buyer gets the perfect fit. Today, on any fashonable beach or resort anywhere on the planet, you will see Saint Barth swimwear.

Additionally, you can mix one top with another bottom and thus create your own perfect beachwear. Between the Emy Stellato bikini, boxer’s collections and the children Carol swimsuits – this white swimsuits from Saint Barth Swimwear features Sparkling Carol and striped mixed prints designed with polyamide and elasta lining for comfort and to complete it’s cute look, there is something for every child. offers the latest in childrenwear fashion from a wide range of popular brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler, Stone Island. For more information on Saint Barth and the latest beachwear collections, visit

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