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Ciesse Piumini Kids Collection

Ciesse Piumini piumini leggeri bambino e bambina

Today, forty years after its foundation, Ciesse Piumini Kids‘ Mission its the same: to offer to a clientele increasingly attentive products with a strong technological content, who can interpret the desire to dress with style in every moment of the day and in every season of the year.




Carrie Girl – light down hoody jacket

Ciesse Piumini Kids looking at the future with the aim of continue to offer designed products, always in line with times and evolutions of the world, Without stopping to preserve and pass on our passion, which made unforgettable our history and strengthend our traditions.

Lea Girl – unpadded hoody jacket for Girl

From skiing to sailing, from adventure to time off, during the years Ciesse Piumini has always made products of excellent quality. His secret? Extreme and continuous attention to research and accuracy in the processing of raw materials, in particular through patented procedures against the release of goose down.


Carrie Girl-light down hoody jacket


“Fill Power” it is the unit of measurement used to test the quality of the quilt, to clearly differentiate it from the piumette. The quilt is in fact a real three-dimensional bow, without rigid core in the form of a central rod named rachis, typical instead of piumette. The bow is made of a central core from which thin elastic filaments branch off, needful to guarantee its unequaled insulating power. In nature there isn’t a “synthetic” product that can replicate its isothermal and hygroscopic properties.


The Fill Power measures the capacity of the quilt to take up volume, added to the elastic power to return swollen after compression. The greater the inflating power is, the better the performance of the padding will be in terms of lightness, warmth and comfort. The longer the filament of the staple is the greater will be its inflation capacity.

Kali Girl – unpadded hoody jacket by Ciesse Piumini

In addition to the great experience in the processing of virgin goose feather, Ciesse Piumini gets a profound knowledge of many other materials: from wool to nylonripstop, from kevlar to Gore-Tex. This allows us to continuously improve the performance of each individual product to always guarantee the satisfaction of the wearer.

Once produced, each product is tested by strict laboratories and directly in the field.

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