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Anne Kurris – 2018 S/S Children Fashion Collections

Anne Kurris, abbigliamento firmato per bambino e bambina

The 2018 spring and summer collection of children fashion promises to be amazing. People have really admired the new designs  and creativity of the latest children fashion collections. The style sense and color combination have been great. The kid’s collections are a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles. Designs colors are very cool and neutral thereby giving a soothing feel. So, brace yourself. This summer’s going to be haute! This season we chose to collaborate with Anne Kurris children’s wear collections.

Anne Kurris - 2018 S/S Children Fashion Collections

Inspired by her love for children, Anne Kurris launched children fashion collections in 1998. The company children’s collections are composed of a wide range of designs that are inspired by pop art and nature and characterized by bright color combinations and a strong graphic design such as this white tunic dress for girls. With over two decades of experience in the business, Anne Kurris children’s collections have perfect designs, styles, and imbued with the love and care that all children deserve.

Anne Kurris children’s collections are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Since the label’s early days, they have made sure to create products that are comfortable, wearable, and stylish. These three factors, simple as they may sound, are the cornerstone for Anne Kurris’s success in the world of children’s fashion. Today, Anne Kurris has grown to become a favorite among parents, and even kids with an eye for clothes that look good.

Anne Kurris children fashion collections underwent massive changes and growth over the years. The company has enjoyed impressive sales and a warm reception by new customers. In 2009 Anne Kurris was invited to show her paper dresses in MOMU (Mode Museum Antwerp), part of the exhibition PAPER FASHION.

Anne Kurris is now recognized as a designer label that specializes in children’s wear that’s elegant and made from the finest garments. Despite their success, the company still makes efforts to improve their products and services and is still expanding at a very remarkable rate. Today, the brand has several collections for kids, including one for infants, toddlers, and teenagers.

For clothes that are simple, timeless, and more importantly, comfortable, Anne Kurris is definitely the way to go. offers the latest children’s clothes and fashion from a wide range of popular brands. For more information on Anne Kurris and the latest children’s clothes and fashion, visit

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