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DOUUOD Kids Fall–Winter 2016

DOUUOD Kids thinks about the upcoming Fall-Winter by outlining a strong and linear, at the same time versatile, delicate and refined collection. The charm and elegance of black stands out. Its sophistication and resonance cross the essentiality of lines which then soften in delicate flower embroideries. DOUUOD_kids_FW16_childrenswearA solemn nuance and impeccable proposal as total look accompanied by the version of its most authentic colour contrast: the ethereal and pure white total look is also found in milk-white. An essential and clear climate where between dark colours also the brighter and more delicate ones, such as pink, light-blue and refined greys, find their space.DOUUOD_kids_FW16_fashion-clothingDOUUOD Kids’ search never ends, a curiosity that continuously projects the brand towards new discoveries and inspirations that never forget to look back at the past, at responsible work which pays attention to detail and the value of its history founded on the prestige that still today distinguishes Made in Italy.Douuod-Boy-Girl-Kids-Fw16It’s a research that for DOUUOD Kids is synonymous with thrust towards the future, towards new emotions and intuitions. As is in the case of pigiama style designed for everyday wear, a new look at the world of children. DOUUOD Kids’ style therefore decides to dare but without fear and so doing approaches a more Japanese sensitivity, where rigour and cleanness are finely revisited and enhanced with embroidered details. The new collection proposes numerous themes and atmospheres.
The decisive and identifiable DOUUOD stripes; in variations of black but also of more light romantic colours; in fabrics like cotton jersey, gauze, organza and soft wool.DouuoD-Girl-Boy-Fw16The rigour and linearity of stripes are matched with the more delicate side of harmonious embroidery; in tulle or in DOUUOD’s soft and comfortable fleece which are embellished with finely embroidered flowers. DOUUOD proposes prints in technical fabrics and elaborates modern and innovative materials for children. Raw fabrics like cotton gauze meet the softness of cotton jersey that re-elaborate appearance and comfort. The faux fur, light lurex or leatherette in ceremony gold but also in light blue for colder shades. The brand always chooses to look ahead, to experience and never stop in terms of novelty, versatility and unmistakable elegance.

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