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“Warmly Moncler” for UNICEF

Moncler Enfant piumini abbigliamento bambino bambina

“Warmly Moncler for UNICEF” program will provide children and families in need  to survive through adverse winter weather conditions. “Warmly Moncler for UNICEF,” an important charity initiative aims to provide clothes and survival kits to children and families in need who live in areas with harsh winter weather condition. Moncler Enfant in cooperation with UNICEF will provide thermal blankets, gloves, scarves,hats, socks and shoes, in addition to fuel to warm up homes and schools. Moncler will support UNICEF in facilitating access to education in kindergartens and schools. In a year, it is estimated that over 27,000 children and parents, mainly living in Nepal and Mongolia, will benefit from these initiatives. Some items from the new Moncler Enfant Fall / Winter 2018 Collection have a special label dedicated...

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