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Stone Island Junior: World Class Children Clothing

Stone Island Junior Primavera Estate 18

The fashion industry has evolved and expanded dramatically. Trends and styles, one wave after another. Designers children clothing or kidswear is getting more and more popular over the years. Parents worldwide share the desire to give their kids the very best that they can, be it in terms of food, clothing, toys or education. To their parents, every child is a prince/princess and, of course, they want them to look the part. This summer, is collaborating with Stone Island Junior an informal children clothing brand founded in Ravarino. There are different brands of kids' clothing in the market; Stone Island Junior is just one of them, but one that stands out from the rest. The brand is owned by GFT and was established...

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MC2 Saint Barth Beachwear Collections

MC2 Saint Barth Abbigliamento Mare bambino - annameglio shop online

Summer is the time for fun in the sun and the water. When you get that new swimsuit for yourself, don't forget about your little ones. They will love to look fashionable on the beach as well. The children's beachwear industry has developed a great deal over the past years, the brands now offer a wide variety of swimwear. This presents good options for the buyers, but sometimes you may be a bit confused on choosing the best beachwear for your children. This is the time when the shapes, designs, and colors are brought out in full force to give the children a chance to be able to look and feel their best. This summer we chose to collaborate with MC2...

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Anne Kurris – 2018 S/S Children Fashion Collections

Anne Kurris, abbigliamento firmato per bambino e bambina

The 2018 spring and summer collection of children fashion promises to be amazing. People have really admired the new designs  and creativity of the latest children fashion collections. The style sense and color combination have been great. The kid's collections are a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles. Designs colors are very cool and neutral thereby giving a soothing feel. So, brace yourself. This summer’s going to be haute! This season we chose to collaborate with Anne Kurris children's wear collections. Inspired by her love for children, Anne Kurris launched children fashion collections in 1998. The company children's collections are composed of a wide range of designs that are inspired by pop art and nature and characterized by bright color combinations...

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